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# Quizz APISpark - demo

This demo shows how to turn an APISpark API into a streaming API thanks to For further reading, you can read the blog entry explanation at restlet blog or streamdata blog.


  1. Create a Google Sheet with your Quizz questions and answers as described in the blog posts
  2. Create an APISpark account at to expose the Web API of the Quizz as described here
  3. Create a account to get your app token at in order to turn the Vote API into a streaming API
  4. Replace the placeholders in the app.js with your APISpark credentials of your Quizz Web API and your app token
  5. Launch the app with your favorite server
  • the simplest way, if Python is installed on your machine, is the executing the command python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080
  • if you are an npm afficionados, you can use http-server
npm install http-server
node_modules/http-server/bin/http-server .
  1. Open your favorite browser (works with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE 10+) at http://localhost:8080

You are done! You can now enjoy your quizz! Charts get updated automatically as the people answer the quizz.