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a simple client example using streamdataio from a java application
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Simple Java app using

This is a sample implementation of an EventSource ( in Java to use service from the JVM. It relies on Jersey ( as a Java EventSource implementation ( It uses zjsonpatch ( as a Java Json-Patch implementation. zjsonpatch relies itself on jackson Java Json library (

Step by step setup

  1. Create an free account on to get an App token.

  2. Clone project, edit and replace [YOUR TOKEN HERE] with your App token.

  3. Make sure you have Java 8+ installed

  4. Make sure you have maven 3.0+ installed

  5. Build project with maven:

mvn clean install
  1. Run sample from a terminal:
java -jar target/streamdataio-java-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar

You should see data and patches pushed in your application and displayed on your terminal.

you can use the provided demo example API which simulates updating stocks prices from a financial market: ''

Feel free to test it with any REST/Json API of your choice.

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