A .Net client and demo for StreamData.io service
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A .Net demo for Streamdata.io service

Streamdata.io is a proxy service that queries your REST APIs from one side and sends updates to clients in real time with JsonPatch.

The service relies only on two main standards SSE (Server Sent Events) and JsonPatch. That means that you can connect to the service with your own tools and methods. This demo application shows to use Streamdata.io service.

Streamdata.io is available in SaaS mode, with a free plan that enables you to test the service. To do so, you just need to create an account on https://portal.streamdata.io/#/register

In order to test the service, Streamdata.io provides a sample REST API with frequent updates that you can use to experiment with the service: http://stockmarket.streamdata.io/prices.

Run the demo

Clone the repo and edit Program.cs file:


Please feel free to contribute, the service is amazingly simple and efficient but we can still find ways to improve the client to have an even better developer experience ;-).

Happy coding!