An event-driven app based on riotjs, Xignite and to display currency rates
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# Xignite - riotjs and demo

An event-driven app based on Riot (a React-like user interface micro-library) and to turn Xignite API into a streaming API ( For further reading, you can read the blog entry explanation at streamdata blog.


1- Create an account on Xignite to get your Xignite Developer token that will let you call Xignite's APIs. Our demo uses XigniteGlobalCurrencies API. If you are using a Xignite trial account, please make sure that you have set appropriate permission for this API and that maximum hits limit have not been reached. See for more details.

2- Create an free account on to get an App token.

3- Edit index.html and replace [YOUR_XIGNITE_TOKEN] and [YOUR_STREAMDATAIO_APP_TOKEN] with the corresponding keys.

4- Launch the app with your favorite server

  • the simplest way, if Python is installed on your machine, is the executing the command python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080
  • if you are an npm afficionados, you can use http-server
npm install http-server
node_modules/http-server/bin/http-server .

5- Open your favorite browser (works with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE 10+) at http://localhost:8080