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  • Atlassian Design β€” Design, develop, and deliver.
  • Disqus β€” colors, typogrophy and Disqus logo.
  • Duo Lingo β€” Duo Lingo design.
  • Helpscout β€” Helpscout style guide.
  • IBM Design β€” Tools that help you work smarter, not harder.
  • MailChimp β€” The Pattern Library.
  • MarvelApp β€” MarvelApp design system.
  • Material Design β€” Create intuitive and beautiful products with Material Design.
  • Mozilla β€” Style Guides.
  • Salesforce β€” Lightning design system.
  • Yelp β€” Yelp Styleguide.
  • Primer β€” the CSS design system that powers GitHub.
  • SAP Fiori Fundamentals β€” A light-weight presentation layer that can be used with your UI framework of choice.
  • Wikimedia β€” Design style guide for Wikipedia and other open-knowledge projects.


  • Airbnb Dates β€” An internationalizable, mobile-friendly datepicker library for the web.
  • Algolia InstantSearch β€” Lightning-fast, hyper-configurable search.
  • Appbase Maps β€” A storybook playground for ReactiveMaps and ReactiveSearch.
  • Artsy Force β€” Artsy's "Force" component library.
  • Buffer Components β€” A collection of Buffer UI React components.
  • Carbon Components β€” IBM's Carbon Design System implemented in React.
  • Cosmos β€” A Design System For Auth0 Products.
  • Coursera β€” Coursera UI component library.
  • Fyndiq β€” Fyndiq UI Component library.
  • Griddle β€” An ultra customizable datagrid component for React.
  • Grommet β€” Styled components for Reactjs.
  • GumGum β€” GumGum (Computer Vision Company) Component library.
  • Hack Oregon β€” Official component library and storybook for Hack Oregon.
  • Lonely Planet β€” All the tools you need to build the Lonely Planet UI experience.
  • Lucid UI β€” Component and charts library by AppNexus.
  • MockingBot β€” MockingBot UI component library(ibot).
  • Quran.com β€” Component library for Quran.com, Quranicaudio.com and Salah.com.
  • React Event Timeline β€” Event timeline component.
  • React Native Web β€” Storybook demo for React Native Web.
  • React SVG Pan Zoom β€” A React component that adds pan and zoom features to SVG.
  • Semantic-UI β€” Storybook for Semantic-UI React components.
  • Tachyons Components β€” A searchable directory of Tachyons Components.
  • TerraEclipse β€” React components for TerraEclipse, a political technology and strategy firm.
  • TodoMVC with Specs β€” Todo app Storybook with built-in unit tests.
  • Trunx β€” Super Saiyan react components, son of awesome Bulma.
  • Uber React-Vis β€” A composable charting library.
  • Wix Style React β€” Components that conform to Wix Style.