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Displays child elements full-screen.


import {FullScreen} from 'libreact/lib/FullScreen';

<FullScreen on={on}>
  Hello world!


Props have the following signature

interface IFullScreenProps {
  on: boolean;
  video?: HTMLVideoElement;
  innerRef?: (el) => void;
  onClose?: () => void;
  tag?: keyof React.ReactHTML;

, where

  • on - required, boolean, whether to display element in full screen or inline.
  • video - optional, DOM video element to try to display that video in full screen using alternative .webkitEnterFullscreen() available only on HTMLVideoElement. That way video element will get displayed full screen. Only used when regular full screen API is not available.
  • innerRef - optional, callback that receives the root element reference.
  • onClose - optional, callback, called when full screen is exited.
  • tag - optional, string, specifying tag name to use for root element, defaults to div.