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Gives you an array as a state.


import {List} from 'libreact/lib/List';

<List init={[1, 2, 3]}>{({value, set, push, filter, sort}) =>
    <pre style={{fontFamily: 'monospace'}}>{JSON.stringify(value)}</pre>
    <button onClick={() => push(0)}>push</button>
    <button onClick={() => filter((i) => i > 0)}>filter</button>
    <button onClick={() => sort()}>sort</button>



interface IListProps {
  init?: any[];

, where

  • init - optional, array of any values.

withList() HOC

HOC that merges list prop into enhanced component's props.

import {withList} from 'libreact/lib/List';

const MyCompWithList = withList(MyComp);

You can overwrite the injected prop name

const MyCompWithList = withList(MyComp, 'foobar');

Or simply merge the whole object into your props

const MyCompWithList = withList(MyComp, '');

Set default value

const MyCompWithList = withList(MyComp, '', [1, 2, 3]);

@withList decorator

React stateful component decorator that adds list prop.

import {withList} from 'libreact/lib/List';

class MyComp extends Component {


Specify different prop name

class MyComp extends Component {


or merge the the whole object into props

class MyComp extends Component {


set starting value

@withList('', [1, 2, 3])
class MyComp extends Component {