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Inverts .shouldComponentUpdate() life-cycle method. Allows you to use specify whether its children should update based on passed in props.


The below example will always re-render on new data, because when method always returns true.

import {ShouldUpdate} from 'libreact/lib/ShouldUpdate';

<ShouldUpdate when={(newProps, oldProps) => true} props={data}>{(props) =>
  <div>Hello world!</div>


  • when — required, function, return boolean whether its children should re-render. Receives new and old props as two arguments.
  • props — required, object, props to pass to children.

shouldUpdate() HOC

Higher order component that re-renders only when a condition is met.

import {shouldUpdate} from 'libreact/lib/ShouldUpdate';

const PrintOver3 = shouldUpdate((props) => props.cnt > 3)(Print);

The above example creates a PrintOver3 component that will re-render only when cnt prop is greater than 3.

See also pure().