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Injects state into a stateless component.


import {State} from 'libreact/lib/State';

<State init={}>{(state, set) =>


Render prop receives two arguments: (1) state of the component; and (2) the setState function.


  • init - optional, object, initial state.


Create a counter

<State init={{cnt: 0}}>{({cnt}, set) =>
  <div onClick={() => set({cnt: cnt + 1})}>

withState() HOC

HOC that merges state prop into enhanced component's props. Your component will receive the state object with merged in set() method that you can use to update your state.

import {withState} from 'libreact/lib/State';

const MyCompWithState = withState(MyComp);

You can overwrite the injected prop name

const MyCompWithState = withState(MyComp, 'foobar');

Or simply merge the whole object into your props

const MyCompWithState = withState(MyComp, '');

Specify default state

const MyCompWithState = withState(MyComp, '', {counter: 0});