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CSS Variables

Use CSS Custom Properties (aka CSS variables) theming with automatic fallback to regular theming. Below components allow you to safely use CSS variables. You simply use <CssVarsProvider> similar to how you use <Theme>, but if CSS variables are supported by user's browser, all values will be replaced by CSS variables and on subsequent re-renders it will try to just modify the CSS variables without re-rendering the children.

If CSS Custom Properties are not supported, CssVars works like a typical theme provider.


import {CssVarsProvider, CssVars} from 'libreact/lib/cssvars';

<CssVarsProvider vars={{
  color: 'tomato'
  <CssVars>{vars =>
    <button style={vars}>Click me!</button>

In the above example vars is replaced by something like

  color: '---libreact-color'

, where ---libreact-color is a CSS variable, which will be updated on theme changes, instead of re-rendering the children.


CSS variable context provider.


  • ns — optional, string, context namespace, defaults to empty string ''.
  • vars — required, plain flat JavaScript object, map of keys to CSS values, which will be replaces by CSS variables.


CSS variable context consumer render prop.


  • ns — optional, string, context namespace, defaults to ''.


Render prop receives a single argument — map of variables where values are replaced by CSS variables.

withCssVars() HOC

Enhancer that injects vars prop into component.


import {withCssVars} from 'libreact/lib/cssvars';

const MyCompWithVars = withCssVars(MyComp);
const MyCompWithVars = withCssVars(MyComp, 'theme', {ns: 'css-theme'});


withCssVars(Component, propName?, cssVarsProps?);

@withCssVars Decorator

Stateful class decorator that injects vars prop.


import {withCssVars} from 'libreact/lib/cssvars';

class MyCompWithVars extends Component {


@withCssVars('theme', {ns: 'css-theme'})
class MyCompWithVars extends Component {