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# [3.4.0](v3.3.0...v3.4.0) (2018-09-18)

### Features

* better prefixing ([e5e83c4](e5e83c4)), closes [#206](#206)
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Tiny 5th generation CSS-in-JS library that you can actually use in production. Motto of nano-css is simple: create the smallest possible CSS-in-JS library and provide all features of any other library through addons.

  • Only 0.5 Kb in base configuration, e.g. styled-components is 15.1Kb
  • Library-agnostic β€” use it standalone, with React, Preact, Vue.js, or any other library
  • Isomorphic β€” render on server and browser, generates stable class names, and re-hydrates
  • Performant β€” simply the fastest library; does not create wrapper components, does not use inline styles or inline <style> elements, but caches all styles for re-use and injects CSS using .insertRule() for performance
  • @media queries and animation @keyframes are supported
  • Auto-prefixes your styles
  • Extract CSS into external style sheet
  • Public domain β€” Unlicense license