@streamlink-bot streamlink-bot released this Jun 28, 2018 · 86 commits to master since this release

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Just a few small fixes in this release.

  • Fixed Twitch OAuth request flow (#1856)
  • Fix the tv3cat and vk plugins (#1851, #1874)
  • VOD supported added to atresplayer plugin (#1852, #1853)
  • Removed tv8cati and nineanime plugins (#1860, #1863)
  • Added mjunoon.tv plugin (#1857)


Installing with Pip:

sudo pip install streamlink

Manual installation:

curl -L https://github.com/streamlink/streamlink/releases/download/0.14.2/streamlink-0.14.2.tar.gz -O streamlink.tar.gz
tar xvf streamlink.tar.gz
cd streamlink
sudo python setup.py install

Supporting Streamlink

If you think that this application is helpful, please consider supporting the maintainers by donating via the Open collective. Not only becoming a backer, but also a sponsor for the (open source) project.

NyanKiyoshi <NyanKiyoshi@users.noreply.github.com> (1):
      Fix 404 error on oauth authorize url

back-to <backto@protonmail.ch> (1):
      plugins.vk: _url_re update, allow embedded content, plugin cleanup (#1874)

beardypig <beardypig@protonmail.com> (10):
      plugins.t3cat: update validation rule, refactor plugin a little bit
      plugins.atresplayer: update to support VOD streams
      stream.dash: support for SegmentList streams with ranged segments
      plugins.mjunoon: support for live and vod streams on mjunoon.tv
      release: fix release notes manual install url
      plugins.tv8cat: plugin removed - the live broadcast is no longer available
      plugins.nineanime: no longer supported
      release: set the date of the release for UTC time
      plugin: support stream weights returned by DASHStream.parse_manifest