@cdrage cdrage released this Jan 24, 2017 · 1236 commits to master since this release

Release 0.3.0 of Streamlink!

A lot of updates to each plugin (thank you @beardypig !), automated Windows releases, PEP8 formatting throughout Streamlink are some of the few updates to this release as we near a stable 1.0.0 release.

Main features are:

  • Lot's of maintaining / updates to plugins
  • General bug and doc fixes
  • Major improvements to development (github issue templates, automatically created releases)


Agustín Carrasco <asermax@gmail.com> (1):
      Links on crunchy's rss no longer contain the show name in the url (#379)

Brainzyy <Brainzyy@users.noreply.github.com> (1):
      Add basic tests for stream.me plugin (#391)

Javier Cantero <jcantero@escomposlinux.org> (2):
      plugins/twitch: use version v3 of the API
      plugins/twitch: use kraken URL

John Smith <v2.0@protonmail.com> (3):
      Added support for bongacams.com streams (#329)
      streamlink_cli.main: close stream_fd on exit (#427)
      streamlink_cli.utils.progress: write new line at finish (#442)

Max Riegler <rinukkusu@sub-r.de> (1):
      plugins.chaturbate: new regex (#457)

Michiel Sikma <michiel@wedemandhtml.com> (1):
      Update PLAYER_VERSION, as old one does not return data. Add ability to use streams with /embed/video in the URL, from embedded players. (#311)

Mohamed El Morabity <melmorabity@users.noreply.github.com> (6):
      Add support for pluzz.francetv.fr (#343)
      Fix ArteTV plugin (#385)
      Add support for Canal+ TV group channels (#416)
      Update installation instructions for Fedora (#443)
      Add support for Play TV (#439)
      Use token generator for HLS streams, as for HDS ones (#466)

RosadinTV <rosadintv@outlook.com> (1):
      --can-handle-url-no-redirect parameter added (#333)

Stefan Hanreich <stefanhani@gmail.com> (1):
      added chocolatey to the documentation (#380)

bastimeyer <mail@bastimeyer.de> (3):
      Automatically create Github releases
      Set changelog in automated github releases
      Add a github issue template

beardypig <beardypig@users.noreply.github.com> (55):
      plugins.tvcatchup: site layout changed, updated the stream regex to accommodate the change (#338)
      plugins.streamlive: streamlive.to have added some extra protection to their streams which currently prevents us from capturing them (#339)
      cli: add command line option to specific logging path for subprocess errorlog
      plugins.trtspor: added support for trtspor.com (#349)
      plugins.kanal7: fixed page change in kanal7 live stream (#348)
      plugins.picarto: Remove the unreliable rtmp stream (#353)
      packaging: removed the built in backports infavour of including them as dependencies when required (#355)
      Boost the test coverage a bit (#362)
      plugins: all regex string should be raw (#361)
      ci: build and test on Python 3.6 (+3.7 on travis, with allowed failure) (#360)
      packages.flashmedia: fix bug in AMFMessage (#359)
      tests: use mock from unittest when available otherwise fallback to mock (#358)
      stream.hls: try to retry stream segments (#357)
      tests: add codecov config file (#363)
      plugins.picarto: updated plugin to use tech_switch divs to find the stream parameters
      plugins.mitele: support for live streams on mitele.es
      docs: add a note about python-devel needing to be installed in some cases
      docs/release: generate the changelog as rst instead of md
      plugins.adultswim: support https urls
      use iso 8601 date format for the changelog
      plugins.tf1: added plugin to support tf1.fr and lci.fr
      plugins.raiplay: added plugin to support raiplay.it
      plugins.vaughnlive: updated player version and info URL (#383)
      plugins.tv8cat: added support for tv8.cat live stream (#390)
      Fix TF1.fr plugin (#389)
      plugins.stream: fix a default scheme handling for urls
      Add support for some Bulgarian live streams (#392)
      rtmp: fix bug in redirect for rtmp streams
      plugins.sportal: added support for the live stream on sportal.bg
      plugins.bnt: update the user agent string for the http requests
      plugins.ssh101: update to support new site layout
      Optionally use FFMPEG to mux separate video and audio streams (#224)
      Support for 4K videos in YouTube (#225)
      windows-installer: add the version info to the installer file
      include CHANGELOG.rst instead of .md in the egg
      stream.hls: output duplicate streams for HLS when multiple streams of the same quality are available
      stream.ffmpegmux: fix support for avconv, avconv will be used if ffmpeg is not found
      Adultswin VOD support (#406)
      Move streamlink_cli.utils.named_pipe in to streamlink.utils
      plugins.rtve: update plugin to support new streaming method
      stream.hds: omit HDS streams that are protected by DRM
      Adultswin VOD fix for live show replays (#418)
      plugins.rtve: add support for legacy stream URLs
      installer: remove the streamlink bin dir from %PATH% before installing
      plugins.twitch: only check hosted channels when playing a live stream
      docs: tweaks to docs and docs build process
      Fix iframe detection for BTN/cdn.bg streams (#437)
      fix some regex that give deprecation warnings in python 3.6
      plugins.adultswim: correct behaviour for archived streams
      plugins.nineanime: add scheme to grabber api url if not present
      session: add an option to disable Diffie Hellman key exchange
      plugins.srgssr: added support for srg ssr sites: srf, rts and rsi
      plugins.srgssr: fixed bug in api URL and fixed akamai urls with authparams
      cli: try to terminate the player process before killing it (if terminate takes too long)
      plugins.swisstxt: add support for the SRG SSR sites sports sections

fozzy <fozzysec@gmail.com> (1):
      Add plugin for huajiao.com and zhanqi.tv (#334)

sqrt2 <sqrt2@users.noreply.github.com> (1):
      Fix swf_url in livestream.com plugin (#428)

stepshal <nessento@openmailbox.org> (1):
      Remove trailing.

stepshal <stepshal@users.noreply.github.com> (2):
      Add blank line after class or function definition (#408)
      PEP8 (#414)
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