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@dominikriemer dominikriemer released this Mar 20, 2019 · 54 commits to dev since this release


  • Improved validation of pipelines in the pipeline editor
  • Case-insensitive pipeline element search
  • Customize dialog is hidden if no static properties are present
  • Export and import of Adapter descriptions
  • Migration guide for SIP-08
  • New map visualization
  • Improved support for complex data types
  • Introduction of new event model
  • New Maven archetype: pe-source
  • SSL support

Changed / Bug Fixes

  • Bug Fix: Tutorial not shown
  • Bug Fix: Transform Output Strategy not working
  • Refactor Maven archetypes to support new event model and wrapper classes
  • Upgrade to latest AngularJS version
  • Ensure correct ordering of static properties
  • Bug Fix: AnyStaticProperty not working
  • Bug Fix: Pipeline can be stored without a Sink
  • Bug Fix: Pipeline modelling: duplicated runtimeNames
  • Use of the UI without Internet
  • Bug Fix: CollectionStaticProperty not working


  • OpenSenseMap adapter due to API changes
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