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Welcome to the Stream CRX + Smart Contract Repo!

We are very glad to have you here.

Quick Overview

If you would like to play with our chrome extension and run this locally, cd into product and run the script and follow its instructions. It will walk you through the setup process ie setting up credentials, local developer env variables, a local blockchain and deployed stream token smart contract, etc. Note: this will also require you to setup developer accounts on external including AWS, twitch, youtube, google analytics, infura, sentry, segment and gmail.

$ git clone
$ cd stream-chrome/product/
$ docker-compose up

Install the CRX

Navigate to chrome://extensions/ and enable developer mode. Then, install the extension via "Load unpacked extension...", and select the folder stream-chrome/product/crx/dist/.

Install MetaMask

  • Install the MetaMask Chrome extension. Set up your account. In the top left corner of the Chrome Extension, change the Network to "localhost:85XX".

Designs and Wireframes

See wireframes if you'd like to see the designs and wireframes which are implemented in the crx.

Development Guide

The project is in written in typescript, so it's recommended to use vscode or some other typescript compatible editor that takes advantage of the types (e.g. webstorm). If you use vscode, use the workspace settings by setting the workspace to the root of this repo. If you do not use vscode, be aware that you should make sure to import the tslint settings another way (see tslint.json).

$ git clone
$ cd stream-chrome/
$ code .

In addition, we chose to use yarn over npm, so make sure not to use commands like npm install or npm run watch, but instead yarn add or yarn run watch. There is only a yarn.lock and not a package-lock.json included in this repo so npm may install incorrect package versions.

Basic Architecture

The product repository consists of four main pieces:

  • backend - Although our extension is a dApp, there are pieces which require a centralized backend. This includes interacting with youtube/twitch, holding funds in escrow, and other functions that are simply easier done in a centralized manner until dApp related infrastructure is more mature.
  • crx - This contains the code for the chrome extension itself
  • shared - Shared typescript models between the crx and the backend
  • smart-contracts - The smart-contracts for STR (stream tokens)

Making Changes

Unfortunately, there are some additional steps required in the certain cases listed below.

Adding a node module to backend

After adding the package, run so that docker swarm will update its volumes

Making modifications to node_modules in crx

For instance, any time you run yarn install. Until redux-segment releases a new version with, you will need to run crx/ after installing packages to crX

Modifying shared

Run so that crx and backend use the latest build of shared

Updating Table Schemas

If you would like to update the table schemas, do so in init.sql. After this, run

cd product/

This will delete your current postgres tables and generate new table typescript definitions in shared. Therefore, like with other changes in shared, we will need to then update backend and crx appropriately. The table typescript definitions are generated via schemats



  • To debug background scripts, open background.html via chrome://extensions/
  • To debug popup scripts etc., go to chrome-extension://[crx-ID]/popup.html where [crx-ID] is the crx ID found at chrome://extensions/
  • To see changes to the redux store, run yarn run remotedev in a new terminal in the crx package, and navigate to http://localhost:8000


  • Navigate to chrome://inspect/#devices. You should see a link labeled "Open dedicated DevTools for Node". This will allow you to use the chrome debug tools for changes to the backend.


  • (This step might not be necessary: ADD "" to /etc/hosts)

Docker or yarn isn't installed

  • Install homebrew if necessary (ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL").
  • brew install yarn
  • Install Docker from the Docker website. Open docker to set it up.

Nuclear option

If you are running into issues when you docker-compose up or yarn watch and you think it's not your fault, run cd product/ && ./ to fix most problems. The other product/reset-*.sh scripts should fix all of the other problems. Hopefully.

Linux notes

  • If you're running into trouble getting the backend to run using cd product/ && docker-compose up, check if postgres is running locally. If it does, use pkill -u postgres to stop all instances. Another possible fix is to delete product/.postgres_data and then running docker-compose up again.
  • Errors raised by files not being found might be caused by OSX not being case-sensitive as opposed to Linux.
  • Might not be linux-only, but sometimes reconnecting MetaMask to the Localhost network solves a problem where the CRX isn't working correctly.