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Command-line utility for bridging data from MQTT to Streamr
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A command line utility for bridging data from a MQTT broker to Streamr with stream auto-creation and other useful features.


npm install -g @streamr/mqtt-streamr


To get help, including a list of all the command-line options, simply run mqtt-streamr.

Minimal usage: mqtt-streamr --mqtt-url [mqtt-url] --topic [path] --private-key [key]

Required options

--mqtt-url [url]

The MQTT server URL to connect to, for example --mqtt-url wss://

--topic [topic]

Topic/path to subscribe to. Give this option multiple times to subscribe to several topics. Can include wildcards. Example: --topic /home/bedroom/lamp

--private-key [key]

Ethereum private key of the user to authenticate as. Either --api-key or --private-key must be given.

--api-key [key]

API key of the user to authenticate as. Either --api-key or --private-key must be given.

Additional options


Give this option to print all the data to the console.

--streamr-url [url]

The Streamr websocket API URL. By default, uses the default value in the Streamr JS SDK (wss://

--streamr-rest-url [url]

The Streamr REST API URL. By default, uses the default value in the Streamr JS SDK (


Give this option to make all created streams publicly readable. By default, created streams are private to you.

--stream-name-template [template]

Default: $topic

Give this option to set how the stream name is constructed from the MQTT topic. The string $topic in the template is replaced by the actual topic. Example: My MQTT topic: $topic.

Note that you can direct all data go to a single stream by just defining its name without the placeholder $topic in it.

--stream-id [id]

If this option is given, all data will be published to a single pre-existing stream with this id. Topic auto-creation will be disabled.

--topic-levels [num]

Default: (unlimited)

Number of topic levels to include when auto-creating streams, while truncating subsequent topic hierarchy levels. For example, data in /europe/switzerland and /europe/finland would both be produced to stream /europe if the topic-level is set to 1.

--transform [jsonata-syntax]

Give this option to transform JSON messages before producing them to Streamr. This option follows the JSONata syntax. By default no transform is applied.

--log-interval [num]

Default: 60

Stats logging interval in seconds.

--reconnect-on-data-timeout [num]

Default: 900

If no data is received for this period of time, try to reconnect to the MQTT broker. The default is 15 minutes. Set to 0 to disable.


If this option is given, the script doesn't really create streams or produce data to Streamr. It just reads from the MQTT broker and logs the data to console.




  • Utility for the other direction (Streamr to MQTT)
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