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Python library for accessing Streamr API
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By using this client, you can easily interact with the Streamr API from python environments. You can, for example, subscribe to real-time data in Streams, produce new data to Streams, and create new Streams.

This library is work-in-progress


This module is test on Python 3.6+

  1. download

  2. cd streamr-client-python

  3. pip3 install .


You can test the integration functions using the following steps. you can run this file to test.

$ cd streamr-client-python
$ python -m tests.integration.client_test


Here are some quick examples.

Importing streamr-client-python module

from streamr.client.client import Client
from streamr.util.option import Option

Creating a StreamrClient instance with given option

option = Option.get_default_option()
option.api_key = 'your-api-key'
option.auto_connect = False
option.auto_disconnect = False
client = Client(option)

getting or creating a stream by name

stream = client.get_or_create_stream('stream-test')

getting the stream id

stream_id = stream[0]['id']

getting stream by stream_name or stream_id

stream = client.get_stream_by_name('stream-test')

stream = client.get_stream_by_id(stream_id)

checking the state of connection


connect to server

while(not client.is_connected()):

Subscribing to stream

def callback(msg,_):
	print('message received . The Cotent is : %s'%(msg))

subscription = client.subscribe(stream_id, callback)

publishing data to stream

data = [{"name":'google',"age":19},{"name":"yahoo","age":11},{"name":"facebook","age":13},{"name":"twitter","age":1}]
for d in data:
    client.publish(subscription, d)

disconnect from server


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