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Riccardo Tommasini edited this page May 14, 2017 · 8 revisions

RSP Lab is a framework for RDF Stream Processing Engine benchmarking. It integrate several RSP Benchmarks and allows to design experiment involving their benchmarks' dataset, streams and queries.

It consists of four tiers:

  • Streamer, i.e. which is responsible to stream out the RDF data
  • Consumer, i.e. an RSP engine that can generically consume the RDF Stream
  • Collector, i.e. a data monitoring and persistence tier, that collects performance measures and query results for the analysis and makes them available.
  • Controller, i.e. a programmatic environment and an assisted data visualization dashboard that allows to control the whole infrastructure, design and execute experiments and publish results as linked data.

It includes:

  • TripleWave as a configurable RDF Stream Publishing engine
  • Two RSP Engines baselines, i.e. C-SPARQL engine and CQELS. and the RSP Services
  • RSPLib a python library for design and running experiment programmatically

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