A Hybrid CDN/P2P Architecture for Live Video Broadcasts over the Internet (HTTP Live Streaming, WebRTC, HLS, Online Video, peer-to-peer)
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TL;DR. Where's the code?

You can see it here.

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Hybrid CDN/P2P Architecture for HLS


BemTV is an open-source P2P library for the HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol. Originally developed by Flavio Ribeiro, Streamroot acquired the project in early 2016.

Like Streamroot, BemTV makes use of the WebRTC protocol to decentralise delivery and decrease the number of requests to CDN servers, reducing the cost of transmission and enhancing system’s scalability. It is an attempt to scale live video streaming using peer-to-peer without the need for an external plug-in.

How to build the plugins?

Follow this tutorial.


Questions may be sent to contact@streamroot.io