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To run locally examples from this tutorial follow these instructions.

Project Setup

  • Add references to the following assemblies: nuget nuget

  • Add using declarations:

    • using Streamx.Linq.SQL.EFCore;
    • using Streamx.Linq.SQL.<vendor>;
    • using static Streamx.Linq.SQL.SQL;
    • using static Streamx.Linq.SQL.<vendor>.SQL;
    • using static Streamx.Linq.SQL.Library;
    • using static Streamx.Linq.SQL.Directives;
    • using static Streamx.Linq.SQL.AggregateFunctions;
    • using static Streamx.Linq.SQL.Operators;
    • using static Streamx.Linq.SQL.ScalarFunctions;
  • Register capabilities:

    Registers vendor SQL dialect and language substitutions, like String.Length => LENGTH(String). Should be done only once, for example inside OnModelCreating() of your DbContext:

    protected override void OnModelCreating(ModelBuilder modelBuilder) {