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Optimize remote standup calls by knowing who has spoken, who is is speaking and who is next without thinking about it!
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WhosNext - Real time web extension with Vue

Optimizing remote meetings with a real time Vue web extension.

Warning: Hangouts meet's DOM changes often, we can't ensure it'll work as expected 100% of the time, so please create a new issue or open a PR to fix it. 🙏

Summary & Motivation

This web extension was thought to make your calls easier, more fluent and productive without the overhead of thinking about that.

Working on a scrum basis you several times are wondering who will be the next mate to share the updates with the team. It can be an embarassing moment or even a time loss.

WhosNext tries to minimize this overhead during Hangouts Meet calls by providing you the next speaker as well as showing who already spoke in case you came a few minutes later to the party.

How does it work?

Take a look to the demo video to witness a real scenario and understand how to use it.

Watch the video

This is an overview of the architecture. A more detailed version will be published asap.

⚠️️ Notes

  1. Be aware that in order to get the extension running correcly, all participants in the meeting must have it installed, otherwise those participants won't be taken into account by the extension.

  2. Please check out the .env.example file to setup your firebase environment.

Developing & Contributing

$ yarn install
$ yarn run build:dev

yarn run build

Build the extension into dist folder for production.

yarn run build:dev

Build the extension into dist folder for development.

yarn run watch

Watch for modifications then run yarn run build.

yarn run watch:dev

Watch for modifications then run yarn run build:dev.

It also enable Hot Module Reloading, thanks to webpack-chrome-extension-reloader plugin.

⚠️ Keep in mind that HMR only works for your background entry.

yarn run build-zip

Build a zip file following this format <name>-v<version>.zip, by reading name and version from manifest.json file. Zip file is located in dist-zip folder.


All contributions or issue reporting are welcomed. If you are filing a bug please include information to help debug it!

If you plan to contribute, please make sure you test the code.


Icon made by Freepik from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY

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