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TextMate support for GitHub flavored Markdown
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TextMate Bundle for GitHub's Redcarpet Markdown

First, put this bundle in your TextMate bundle directory:

# Textmate2
mkdir -p ~/Library/Application\ Support/Avian/Bundles/
cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/Avian/Bundles/
git clone

# Then, make sure you've got `redcarpet` and `pygments.rb`
# installed with your gem library with system's Ruby 1.8:
unset GEM_HOME
unset GEM_PATH

sudo /System/Library/Frameworks/Ruby.framework/Versions/1.8/usr/bin/gem install redcarpet -v 2.3.0
sudo /System/Library/Frameworks/Ruby.framework/Versions/1.8/usr/bin/gem install pygments.rb

Redcarpet Markdown Bundle in action

Supported syntaxes inside fenced blocks

The following syntaxes will be highlighted inside the fenced block:

  • Ruby
  • Javascript (as js, javascript)
  • CoffeeScript (as coffee, coffeescript)
  • Shell (as shell, bash, sh)
  • Haml
  • R

Bonus Install the Scott Web Theme from Preferences → Bundles for a nice looking preview

Reload TextMate and tell it to read .md files as Markdown Redcarpet types.

For more information about GitHub's Redcarpet markdown, checkout this post.

R Markdown

This bundle also supports R Markdown files (Rmd, rmd) by properly scoping fenced R code chunks and inline R code to the R source syntax when used with the R TextMate bundle. You can then use the commands from the R TextMate bundle to evaluate R code, send it to the R GUI, etc. This bundle includes two commands to knit R Markdown files and produce the HTML result: one uses the knitr package while the other one (recommended, see why here) uses the knitrBootstrap package.

For R noweb files (Rnw, rnw) you might be interested in the knitr TextMate bundle which bridges LaTeX and R code.

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