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Published on webcomponents.org

Web component built with Polymer which allows to view PDF documents.
Note that this element doesn't use browser's built-in PDF rendered, but rednders PDF using Mozilla's pdf.js library, which let's you have more control on how the document is displayed and which actions are available to user.

Demo: http://pavelmakhov.com/pdf-element/


  • Next/Previous page
  • Zoom
  • Download (optional)
  • Compatible with Polymer 1.0
  • Dynamically change document without page reloading
  • Looks polymer way :)
  • Text selection (optional)
  • Works in IE (in progress)



With Bower:

bower install -S pdf-element

Or just clone this repo and use pdf-element.html in your project


I would really appreciate any help. PR/issues and stars are welcome =)

To run it locally make sure you have Polymer CLI installed and do the following:

git clone https://github.com/streetturtle/pdf-element.git
cd pdf-element
bower install
polymer serve

Element's page will be available at http://localhost:8080/components/pdf-element/


The MIT License (MIT) © 2016-2017 Pavel Makhov