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Remember the link Build Status

Rememberthelink is a web tool where you can save, tag and share the links you find interesting, important or otherwise want to remember.

Do you rememberthelink?

Often hard to remember the links when you need it? This is another project helping you to remember the important links you see.

How is this project different?

We do our development in public on Github, you can install Rememberthelink on your own server, and we make sure our export and import scripts are always tested.

We will admit we started this project because we weren't too happy about similar tools we knew about. And we did it to learn Node.js better.

How to get started

Head over to rememberthelink to test the running production code. This service is intended to be free and stable.

If you want to run the code yourself, you can clone this repository, fetch dependencies, copy the example settings and modify them, build static files, and run node cluster.js:

git clone
cd rememberthelink
npm install
cp server/settings.example.js server/settings.js  # remember to modify this
node cluster.js

How to contribute

We are very happy for pull requests, issues created and other contributions. We also welcome anonymous contributions. At this point we are very happy to get new translations.


This is a Node.js project and relies on express, mongoose, redis, i18n, and a lot more specified in the packages.json. Rememberthelink is based on our own node-boilerplate, which we intend to keep updated as this project evolves.


  • Jørgen Bergquist (developer)
  • Sigurd Gartmann (developer)



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