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JS Hero

JS Hero: JavaScript tutorial with exersices/koans.


Static websites: run locally (limited) or on any web server (recommended).
Locally only in browsers that support locally local storage (Firefix, not Chrome, ...).


www: The built project
src: Sources to build the project
build: Build scripts
test: Unit tests


Copy the content of the folder www in a web server (e.g. apache).

Local use

Open www/index.html in a browser. Works limited.


Requirement: node.js

After changes JS Hero has to be rebuilt with npm. package.json together with build.js and defines the necessary steps and modules.

Use npm install to install the modules once. Use npm run build to (re)build the project.

npm run build depends (unfortunately) on the operating system. It only runs with a Linux shell. Use Git Bash or WSL on windows.

Add a new koan

  1. Copy an existing koan and modify it.
  2. Insert the id of the new koan in the file order-de.js or order-en.js at the desired position.
  3. Execute npm run build in a linux shell.
  4. Refresh your browser