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Displays Sitecore icon next to all #Sitecore tags on Twitter.
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Sitecore Twitter Hashflags

A lightweight extension that adds Sitecore related hashflags to #Sitecore tags on Twitter.

Supported Hashtags

  • #Sitecore

  • #SitecoreMVP

  • #SitecoreJSS

  • #SCHackathon

  • #WomenOfSitecore

  • #SPE

  • #Coveo


  • #SitecoreSYM

  • #SXA

Currently Supports:


Local Developement

To work locally, please branch off of the master branch. Once you've got your copy, just open up the repository in VS Code. Any changes or new development will primarily be made on the 'content.js' file

Chrome Developer Setup

  1. In Google Chrome, open the Extensions menu (chrome://extensions/)

  1. Enable Developer Mode

  2. Click Load Unpacked

  1. Select the root folder sitecore-twitter-hashflag

  1. Confirm the new card is loaded


Afer loading the extension, load Twitter and open the developer console (F12) The console will display an alert confirming the extension is running:

Click on the content.js and place breakpoints wherever you need them.

When making changes to the content.js file in the repository, make sure you hit the refresh button for change to reflect in the browser:

Pull Requests

Once you've completed changes to your branch, create a Pull Request back into the master branch.
(Don't worry about the creating Releases.)

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