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We can use modern Python f-strings to easily print variables to the output
console of the program
How to use:
- run the script with `python`
- observe our state (i, processed_word) printed in the console
# The output:
# i=0, processed_word=Debugging
# i=1, processed_word=With
# i=2, processed_word=Console
# i=3, processed_word=F-strings
words = ['debugging', 'with', 'console', 'f-strings']
def process_words(words_to_process):
for i, word in enumerate(words_to_process):
processed_word = str.capitalize(word)
print(f"i={i}, processed_word={processed_word}")
# In Python 3.8 we can use = specifier
# print(f"{i=}, {processed_word=}")
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