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Add additional locales for the sholes.

I did some research to consider suggestions expressed
for the previous version of the patch, as result I found
that theoretically Motorola Droid can work at approximately
193 CDMA networks in 82 countries worldwide. For the 25 countries
Androd include national locales, for 51 countries we can
find alternatives from existing locales (in most cases
it is the official (first or second) language). Network information
was obtained from the CDMA Developmenr Group Entire Worldwide
Database (Commercial CDMA 800/1900 1x, 1x-EDVO Rel. 0 (Rev. A) Networks).
Languages information was obtained from the wiki. Results in a xlsx-file
(Exel)you can get here
I hope this patch includes all required locales and satisfy all Droid users.

Signed-off-by: Leznuk Evgen <>
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1 parent f47bd46 commit b1bb9370d5150c6d2cd24cffdd9fd8f9d341393a @evgenln evgenln committed Apr 13, 2011
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@@ -132,6 +132,9 @@ $(call inherit-product-if-exists, vendor/motorola/sholes/
$(call inherit-product, build/target/product/
+#Add additional locales and set the en_US as default
+PRODUCT_LOCALES += ar_EG ar_IL en_CA en_IN en_NZ en_ZA fr_CA he_IL hi_IN id_ID ja_JP ko_KR nl_NL pt_BR pt_PT ru_RU th_TH tl_PH uk_UA vi_VN zh_CN zh_HK zh_TW
PRODUCT_NAME := generic_sholes

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