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Commits on Mar 16, 2012
  1. @rmcc @peteralfonso

    bootanim: Don't cache textures if they're expected to use a lot of VRAM

    rmcc authored peteralfonso committed
    bootanimation cached all the textures generated until the animation
    was completed.
    For Hi-res animations with lots of frames (like the new CM9 anim on
    xhdpi devices), this implied using large amounts of video RAM, more
    than most devices actually have available, causing the animation to
    stall (and in some cases, gralloc to lock up); so if an animation is
    expected to use a lot of RAM (rough estimation based on frame size
    and number of frames), disable cache entirely and generate the textures
    on demand
    Change-Id: I157e5cdde2aab1d82d980d77cbedd9f127c83a1d
Commits on Mar 15, 2012
  1. @peteralfonso
Commits on Mar 14, 2012
  1. @peteralfonso

    Remove the no media notification

    peteralfonso authored
    When disconnecting external storage on Xoom, this
    notification would appear and was not able to be
    dismissed. There is no need for this notification.
  2. @Zaphod-Beeblebrox @peteralfonso

    fix alignment of add number of toggles in toggle layout.

    Zaphod-Beeblebrox authored peteralfonso committed
    Added a spacer if uneven number of toggles.
  3. @maniac103 @peteralfonso

    Add sanity check for battery capacity range.

    maniac103 authored peteralfonso committed
Commits on Mar 2, 2012
  1. @Zaphod-Beeblebrox @peteralfonso

    fix Sync Toggle

    Zaphod-Beeblebrox authored peteralfonso committed
    SyncObserver callback was running on a separate thread and could not update UI.
    Thus, it was crashing the toggle.  I created and handler/runnable to handle the update
    so it stays on UI thread.
  2. @mkasick @peteralfonso

    Add "Pulse low battery light" switch.

    mkasick authored peteralfonso committed
    Implements the framework portion of an optional "Pulse low battery light"
    switch, which allows the pulsing low battery LED to be disabled.  The
    function and implementation of this switch is analogous to (and borrowed
    from) the "Pulse notification light" switch.
    This is motivated by devices (e.g., epicmtd) featuring a battery charging
    LED, where the LED does not support pulsing in hardware and relies on a
    kernel (CPU) timer to implement the pulse capability.  On these devices,
    pulsing the LED requires waking the CPU from suspend on every LED on/off
    event, substantially reducing the proportion of time the CPU can suspend,
    and thus, substantially increasing power consumption.
    Therefore, when the these devices reach the low battery threshold, their
    power consumption, ironically, increases measurably in order to pulse the
    battery charging LED, which lowers battery life and increases the
    likelihood of a low-battery shutdown if the user cannot charge the device
    in a timely fashion.  This switch allows the user to disable the pulsing
    low battery LED in order to maximize their low battery charge.
    Change-Id: I3a5c8938fd7c444c90b2af123e683982c614cd6e
  3. @rmcc @peteralfonso

    Dont enable the light sensor if its not being used

    rmcc authored peteralfonso committed
  4. @gsarrica @peteralfonso

    Allow unlinking of notification sound and ringtone volume

    gsarrica authored peteralfonso committed
    Thanks to AOKP
  5. @LorDClockaN @peteralfonso

    Add national data roaming and make it optional (1/2)

    LorDClockaN authored peteralfonso committed
    by Robin Morawetz (Rdlgrmpf) and Davor Bertovic (LorD ClockaN)
  6. @peteralfonso
  7. @Albinoman887 @peteralfonso

    headset fix for hdmi headphone jack

    Albinoman887 authored peteralfonso committed
    Signed-off-by: Matt Filetto <>
    Change-Id: I28fcd19eed5ac6667e0288e2217198c133f0d10d
  8. @peteralfonso

    ShutdownThread: Set property to indicate radio shutdown

    Ajay Dudani authored peteralfonso committed
    This property is to be used to set action to perform radio
    file system force sync on certain msm platforms.
    CRs-Fixed: 337095
    (cherry picked from commit 3548c1002c1f720695ebda6070dca85e98e46e00)
    Change-Id: I408a3a88b21a21fb535b2fee6350c66913b4ceee
  9. @nebkat @peteralfonso

    NotificationManagerService: Fix notification led bug

    nebkat authored peteralfonso committed
    We can assume that if the user turned the screen off while there was
    still an active notification then they wanted to keep the notification
    for later. In this case we shouldn't flash the notification light.
    The problem for some special notifications (such as missed calls)
    is that the screen is automatically turned on, and then when it is
    turned back off the led does not get enabled. For these notifications
    we use a flag to force the notification light even if the screen was
    turned off.
  10. @pawitp @peteralfonso

    Fix too long on/off text for setting toggle

    pawitp authored peteralfonso committed
    Croatia by Besthiroeu from xda
    Serbian by assdksl from xda
    Change-Id: Id9d5494363daefad83f8f07ecd2ce4f05db948e7
  11. @pawitp @peteralfonso

    Fix too long on/off text for Slovak

    pawitp authored peteralfonso committed
    By castaway1 from xda/irc
    Change-Id: I48c831782514384dd97934846e091f806ef127e8
  12. @pawitp @peteralfonso

    Improve scrolling cache

    pawitp authored peteralfonso committed
    Scrolling cache helps make short scrolls/flings smooth but will
    cause stutter when long flings are made. This patch disables
    scrolling cache when long flings are made.
    This patch also fixes a related bug where scrolling cache will
    not be enabled properly when transitioning from flinging to scrolling.
    Patch Set 2: Calculate threshold based on maximum velocity (Sang Tae Park)
    Change-Id: I1fdbaad92263c9f983a32900e74eba1f0367902b
  13. @kenshin33 @peteralfonso

    Add support for Caller Name Display

    kenshin33 authored peteralfonso committed
    Copied relevant parts from to get the information
    as/if presented by network operator (Fido/Rogers in canada provide that
    information, and it get displayed if there's no match in phonebook).
    Change-Id: I95d90c96324502c217da84be2c5c3cd46c1c0c0f
Commits on Feb 16, 2012
  1. @peteralfonso
Commits on Feb 12, 2012
  1. @peteralfonso
  2. @jt1134 @peteralfonso

    Add USB mass storage notification to tablet status bar

    jt1134 authored peteralfonso committed
  3. @peteralfonso

    Fix Apache stack

    John Reck authored peteralfonso committed
    Change-Id: Iec7d0d8bdaaa5594fa7412db79943ab0ccdf594c
  4. @sbradymobile @peteralfonso

    Set the data type icon to 0 when connected to wifi

    sbradymobile authored peteralfonso committed
    Fix issue of mobile data type being shown when connected to wifi.
  5. @tpruvot @peteralfonso

    french: Power menu translation

    tpruvot authored peteralfonso committed
    Change-Id: I8812b4d6bebb4a58661a646b45d709c283f7e644
  6. @peteralfonso
  7. @solarnz @peteralfonso
  8. @Flemmard @peteralfonso

    Added CombinedBar Auto Hide

    Flemmard authored peteralfonso committed
    This allows to enable autoHiding of CombinedBar like on ICS phones.
    Added CombinedBar Auto Hide (3/2) (FIX)
    This fix shows the bar again when touching screen, as it does on GN.
    PatchSet 2 fixes crash on some fullscreen apps.
    Change-Id: I8fbbbddd551ee2c053efe1cd6e0666f932200e93
    Framework : Add annotations for CombinedBar
  9. @peteralfonso

    Auto-dim backlight setting

    peteralfonso authored
    Thanks solarnz
  10. @Flemmard @peteralfonso

    Changed settings to show PowerMenu on Tablets

    Flemmard authored peteralfonso committed
    Shows powermenu on Tablet, instead of Instant Off
    Change-Id: I47175f53a014e3593834765cc733da4462986416
  11. @TDR @peteralfonso

    Keyguard: Add accelerometer override to lockscreen

    TDR authored peteralfonso committed
    On ICS tablets, by default the lockscreen will rotate irrespective
    of the auto-rotate switch. Go back to Honeycomb-like behavior of
    the switch controlling the lockscreen.
    Change-Id: I697fe588c6a7d20e03e0f8ff5927834f8819c871
  12. @peteralfonso

    Allow applications that can write to the primary storage write to the…

    peteralfonso authored
    … external storage
    Fixes issues with some apps on Xoom
  13. @pawitp @peteralfonso

    stagefright: Fix playback for mkv files with lacing

    pawitp authored peteralfonso committed
    Most mkv files having 'lacing' in their audio section to save space.
    Android did not handle this properly, sending all frames in the block
    with the same time code, which causes stuttery playback.
    Change-Id: I4dc76e7c2a53126c7fbdd3628fe7d339d2e3364e
  14. @dpsm @peteralfonso

    Hiding media from folder with .nomedia file.

    dpsm authored peteralfonso committed
    This patch allows media files present in a folder with
    a .nomedia file to be hidden after these files have been
    previously indexed.
    Change-Id: Ia42133d0a7b119c76b5eaaffabd054aa1a739817
    Signed-off-by: David Sobreira Marques <>
  15. @peteralfonso

    frameworks/base: Increase Zygote preload GC threshold to half the hea…

    Vijay Dandiga authored peteralfonso committed
    Increase Zygote preload GC threshold to half the heapgrowthlimit,
    to reduce boot up time.
    Change-Id: I6ea0f115e5f96836adec5ba9b796f54e6e898643
  16. @xplodwild @peteralfonso

    Add SURFACEFLINGER_FORCE_SCREEN_RELEASE to fix screen off flicker

    xplodwild authored peteralfonso committed
    Needed on (at least) crespo, aries and galaxys2
    Change-Id: Iaff5379775b9a19bd3cd8598e885e885cc0e8492
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