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  • Fix namespaced models in roles backend (thanks goes to Tomas Jogin)
  • Action name override in boolean methods.
  • :query_method option for access_control.

0.10.0 (03-May-2009)

  • Use context+matchy combo for testing
  • Bugfix: unwanted double quote in generated SQL statement

0.9.4 (27-Feb-2009)

  • Introduce :if and :unless rule options.

0.9.3 (04-Feb-2009)

  • Fix bug in delete_role – didn’t work with custom class names
  • Add :helper option for access_control.
  • Ability to generate helper methods directly (place include Acl9Helpers in your helper module).

0.9.2 (11-Jan-2009)

  • access_control :method do end as shorter form for access_control :as_method => :method do end.
  • Boolean method can now receive an objects hash which will be looked into first before taking
    an instance variable.

0.9.1 (03-Jan-2009)

Initial release.