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### I found a bug
If you found a bug and don't know how to resolve it, please open an issue in the corresponding repo.
If you found a bug and know how to resolve it, please submit a PR in the corresponding repo.
In both cases, try to be as explicit about your environment, and how to reproduce the bug.
### I've got an idea
Excellent! Feel free to implement it and submit PR(s) in the corresponding repo(s), or to create an issue describing your feature idea.
Best ideas are those that do not tackle very specific problems, but those that can solve everybody to have a better experience on Strime.
## FAQ
### Can I remove Strime's brand and use mine instead?
Yes you can! Strime is no open sourced and can be used as you see fit.
### ...
We'd be glad if you could mention on your website where it comes from though.
## Credits
[Romain Biard](
[Franck Haegeli](
Jean-Philippe Cabaroc

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