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1. [History](#history)
2. [Team](#team)
3. [Milestones](#milestones)
4. [Thanks](#thanks)
2. [Architecture](#architecture)
3. [Installation](#installation)
1. [Encoding application](#encoding-application)
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5. [FAQ](#faq)
6. [Credits](#credits)

## Presentation

### History
Strime is video project management service created to help video producers gather feedback from their client. Instead of sending a file *via* a service like Google Drive, WeTransfer, FromSmash, or Dropbox, and waiting for your client to send you his comments in a fuzzy email, you can upload your video on Strime, share a link with your client, and your client will just have to write down his comments directly on the video.

### Team

Franck Haegeli | Jean-Philippe Cabaroc | Romain Biard
-------------- | --------------------- | ------------
Former war reporter and specialized in animation for more than sixteen years. His experience (sometimes painful) with his clients is the starting point of Strime. | Graphic designer for more than 10 years, Jean-Philippe worked in communication agencies before becoming an independent. He strived to make Strime beautiful and usable. | Fierce and sharp developer, Romain is also a fan of running. He was responsible of making Strime functional and he sweated to make the tool as powerful as possible.
foo | bar | foo
[@larbrenoir]( | [@cabaroc]( | [@rombiard](
[L'arbre noir]( | [@cabaroc]( | [Bobby Digital](<br />[Bobby Photography](

### History

[Strime]( was created in 2015 by 3 french people, in Saint-Etienne. The idea came from Franck, who is a video producer and was looking for such a tool to work with his clients. After some research, he realized that a couple of tools existed but all of them were only accessible in english. Nonetheless, the french market is a very language-sensitive market and very little of his client would have been able to use a platform only accessible in english.
Moreover, some of them had a pretty complex interface, designed by video experts for video experts.
He then decided to gather a small team around him to create something that would first be dedicated to the french market, with the goal to be dead simple in order to be widely adopted by the client, because if the client doesn't adopt it, it's pointless.
They won a grant delivered by their region in France and the professional organization [Numelink]( for this project, they also integrated [Startup Chile]( in february 2017.
In april 2018 they took the decision to take down the company for economical reasons, and to open source the code of the platform, in order for the project to keep living and to offer a solution for those who might be interested in having their own Strime installation.

### Milestones

- February 2015: Idea
- April 2015: Won the Numelink (now Digital League) grant
- July 2015: Incorporation
- January 2016: Launch of the beta
- June 2016: Left the beta and launch of the freemium model
- January 2017: Dropping the freemium model
- February 2017: Integration of the acceleration program Startup Chile
- March 2017: Launch of the english version
- April 2017: Launch of the spanish version
- June 2017: 2nd to the Lab4+ pitch contest in the creative industry category
- April 2018: Decision to take down the service
- July 2018: Open sourcing the code
- September 2018: Closing the website

### Thanks

Some people that helped to the development of Strime have to be thanked:
- Numelink (now [Digital League](( for their grant and support
- [Saint-Etienne Métropôle]( for their support
- [Startup Chile]( / [Corfo]( for their grant and support
- [iOweb]( / [Datailor]( for their advices
- Pedro Vargas Ruiz for his work on the spanish translation

## Architecture

## Installation

### Encoding application

### API

### Website

## How to contribute

### What can be improved

- [ ] writing unit tests
- [ ] upgrade each app to a newer version of Symfony

### I found a bug

### I've got an idea

## FAQ

### Can I remove Strime's brand and use mine instead?

### ...

## Credits

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