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@scholzj scholzj released this 11 Aug 11:35
· 2018 commits to main since this release

CRD Upgrades


This release supports only the API version v1beta2 and CRD version If upgrading from Strimzi 0.22, migration to v1beta2 needs to be completed for all Strimzi CRDs and CRs before the upgrade to 0.25 is done! If upgrading from Strimzi version earlier than 0.22, you need to first install the CRDs from Strimzi 0.22 and complete the migration to v1beta2 for all Strimzi CRDs and CRs before the upgrade to 0.25 is done!

For more details about the CRD upgrades, see the documentation.

Main changes since 0.24

  • Move from Scala 2.12 to Scala 2.13. (#5192)
  • Open Policy Agent authorizer updated to a new version supporting Scala 2.13. See the Changes, deprecations and removals sections for more details. (#5192)
  • Allow a custom password to be set for SCRAM-SHA-512 users by referencing a secret in the KafkaUser resource
  • Add support for EnvVar Configuration Provider for Apache Kafka
  • Add support for tls-external authentication to User Operator to allow management of ACLs and Quotas for TLS users with user certificates generated externally (#5249)
  • Support for disabling the automatic generation of network policies by the Cluster Operator. Set the Cluster Operator's STRIMZI_NETWORK_POLICY_GENERATION environment variable to false to disable network policies. (#5258)
  • Update User Operator to use Admin API for managing SCRAM-SHA-512 users
  • Configure fixed size limit for emptyDir volumes used for temporary files (#5340)
  • Update Strimzi Kafka Bridge to 0.20.2

All changes can be found under the 0.25.0 milestone.

Changes, deprecations and removals

  • The KafkaConnectS2I resource has been removed and is no longer supported by the operator.
    Please use the migration guide to migrate your KafkaConnectS2I deployments to KafkaConnect Build instead.
  • The Open Policy Agent authorizer has been updated to a new version that supports Scala 2.13.
    The new release introduces a new format of the input data sent to the Open Policy Agent server.
    For more information about the new format and how to migrate from the old version, see the OPA Kafka plugin v1.0.0 release notes.
  • User Operator now uses Kafka Admin API to manage SCRAM-SHA-512 credentials.
    All operations done by the User Operator now use Kafka Admin API and connect directly to Kafka instead of ZooKeeper.
    As a result, the environment variables STRIMZI_ZOOKEEPER_CONNECT and STRIMZI_ZOOKEEPER_SESSION_TIMEOUT_MS were removed from the User Operator configuration.
  • All emptyDir volumes used by Strimzi for temporary files have now configured a fixed size limit.
  • Annotate Cluster Operator resource metrics with a namespace label

Upgrading from Strimzi 0.24

See the documentation for upgrade instructions.