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@scholzj scholzj released this 25 Jul 19:29
· 4974 commits to main since this release

Main features

  • The Cluster Operator now manages RBAC resource for managed resources:
    • ServiceAccount and ClusterRoleBindings for Kafka pods
    • ServiceAccount and RoleBindings for the Topic Operator pods
  • Renaming of Kubernetes services (Backwards incompatible!)
    • Kubernetes services for Kafka, Kafka Connect and Zookeeper have been renamed to better correspond to their purpose
    • xxx-kafka -> xxx-kafka-bootstrap
    • xxx-kafka-headless -> xxx-kafka-brokers
    • xxx-zookeeper -> xxx-zookeeper-client
    • xxx-zookeeper-headless -> xxx-zookeeper-nodes
    • xxx-connect -> xxx-connect-api
  • Cluster Operator moving to Custom Resources instead of Config Maps
  • TLS support has been added to Kafka, Zookeeper and Topic Operator. The following channels are now encrypted:
    • Zookeeper cluster communication
    • Kafka cluster commbunication
    • Communication between Kafka and Zookeeper
    • Communication between Topic Operator and Kafka / Zookeeper
  • Logging configuration for Kafka, Kafka Connect and Zookeeper
  • Add support for Pod Affinity and Anti-Affinity
  • Add support for Tolerations
  • Configuring different JVM options
  • Support for broker rack in Kafka

Known issues

  • Specifying CPU resources as 1000m triggers rolling updates #648

All changes merged for this release should be listed under the 0.5.0 milestone.