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@scholzj scholzj released this 20 Aug 15:48

Main features

  • Helm chart for Strimzi Cluster Operator
  • Topic Operator moving to Custom Resources instead of Config Maps
  • Make it possible to enabled and disable:
    • Listeners
    • Authorization
    • Authentication
  • Configure Kafka super users (super.users field in Kafka configuration)
  • User Operator
    • Managing users and their ACL rights
  • Added new Entity Operator for deploying:
    • User Operator
    • Topic Operator
  • Deploying the Topic Operator outside of the new Entity Operator is now deprecated
  • Kafka 2.0.0
  • Kafka Connect:
    • Added TLS support for connecting to the Kafka cluster
    • Added TLS client authentication when connecting to the Kafka cluster

All changes merged for this release should be listed under the 0.6.0 milestone.