CTF challenge website & backend #2

e28eta opened this Issue Jan 25, 2013 · 1 comment

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Big fan of the contest, thanks for setting it up and providing the code to each level.

Any chance you can provide the code for the app that ran the CTF? aka: what's running at stripe-ctf.com, plus the plumbing to run each level for each player? Or maybe just a blog post describing what you did?

I'd love to be able to replicate this for coworkers, and while the provided code is sufficient to set up a one-off instance for each person to play with individually, it'd be much nicer to have the full experience.


Hey - sorry! I don't work for Stripe, I was just one of the people who participated (and completed) in the challenge and I put up this repo when they hadn't added one yet. The official repo is at https://github.com/stripe-ctf/stripe-ctf-2.0 and one of the developers behind it, Greg Brockman, wrote the following write-up about it: https://blog.gregbrockman.com/2012/08/system-design-stripe-capture-the-flag/. They unfortunately didn't release the underlying system since it is coupled to their infrastructure and Stripe codebase. Good luck!

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