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PaymentKit is a utility library for writing payment forms in iOS apps.

Important note

We've moved development of PaymentKit's components into our main iOS SDK. This will make it easier for us to keep them up-to-date, and make installation and integration simpler for most apps. Despite this, please note that you don't have to be a Stripe user to use these components - the UI we've built has no dependencies on the Stripe API.


If you're using CocoaPods, to install our iOS SDK, just add pod 'Stripe' to your Podfile. For other means of integration, check out our installation guide.

We've renamed PTKView to STPPaymentCardTextField. We've also provided a compatibility shim so if you have an app that uses PaymentKit, you won't have to change any of your code in order to migrate over. However, migration is extremely straightforward:

  • Remove any references to 'PaymentKit' in your Podfile, if you're using CocoaPods.
  • Rename any instances of PTKView in your application to STPPaymentCardTextField.
  • Remove any lines that read #import 'PTKView.h', and replace them with #import <Stripe/Stripe.h>.
  • Any classes that implement the PTKViewDelegate protocol should now adopt the STPPaymentCardTextFieldDelegate protocol instead.
  • Adjust your PTKViewDelegate methods as follows:
// Before
- (void)paymentView:(nonnull PTKView *)paymentView withCard:(nonnull PTKCard *)card isValid:(BOOL)valid {
    if (valid) {
        [self doSomethingWithCard:card];

// After
- (void)paymentCardTextFieldDidChange:(STPPaymentCardTextField *)textField {
    if (textField.isValid) {
        STPCard *card = [[STPCard alloc] init];
        card.number = textField.cardNumber;
        card.expMonth = textField.expirationMonth;
        card.expYear = textField.expirationYear;
        card.cvc = textField.cvc;
        [self doSomethingWithCard:card];

If you have any issues with migration, feel free to contact support@stripe.com.