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Source materials supporting Stripe Climate carbon removal purchases (


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Stripe Climate Carbon Removal Purchases - Source Materials

12.15.2021 Update: In December 2021, we announced our third round of carbon removal purchases:

We introduced our Spring 2021 purchases via an online Demo Day event (recording available here) and shared our initial 2020 purchases here.

These materials form the basis of our carbon removal purchases. We're releasing them to the public, under a Creative Commons CC0 license, to promote transparency and knowledge-sharing in the field.

In the root of the repo, you'll find:

  • Our project applications from the latest Fall 2021 cycle as well as archived material from earlier purchases. We are grateful to the projects for participating in this process, and agreeing to have their applications made public.
  • Our template project application, including modular supplements for Direct Air Capture, Surface Mineralization, Biomass, Oceans, Geologic Injection, and CO2 Utilization.
    • This template application was developed in collaboration with CarbonPlan. They are hosting an unbranded version of the application content in markdown format on GitHub. Please consider using it!
  • The template review forms that our science and governance reviewers use to provide feedback against Stripe Climate's purchase criteria.
  • Our purchase agreements. These are the literal contracts, including funding terms for purchase and R&D, technical milestones, renewal criteria, and more.

Please reach out to with any questions.