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=== 0.4.1 2012-09-27
* Handle a nil argument to Einhorn::Worker.socket
=== 0.4.0 2012-09-26
* Switch the command-socket protocol from line-oriented JSON to
line-oriented YAML. If you've written your own client to communicate
with the einhorn command-socket, you will need to update it. (The
bundled einhorn/client is already updated.)
* Have the 'state' command return a YAML'd state rather than a #pretty_inspect'd
* Made einhornsh script-friendly
* Switched over to address specification via -b option and environment variables;
deprecated but didn't remove old interface.
* Allow einhorn to signal a given worker multiple times
* Add 'signal' and 'die' commands to Einhornsh
* Add exponential backoff to spinup if new processes are dying before being acked
* Add last_upgraded field to State
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