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This project contains the code behind the single-page store at Stripe Shop. We ported the backend to Parse's Code Cloud so you can easily launch and modify your own copy. (Also, we didn't want to open-source the photo of Kat and Thairu, so we decided to take a replacement.)

Feel free to take whatever pieces you find useful! We ask only that you don't use it to sell actual Stripe T-shirts ☺. Improvements are welcome — just open a pull request.

The details

We have a running live demo of the app. It's running in Stripe's test mode, so you'll have to use 4242-4242-4242-4242 as the card (and we won't actually send you a shirt, sorry!).

Getting up and running

To get your own instance of Shop up and running, you'll need to do the following:

  1. Create a new Parse app.
  2. Copy config/global.json to config/local.json.
  3. Add the Application ID and Master Key to config/local.json.
  4. Set up the parse command line utility (you may find their docs helpful).
  5. Create a subdomain for your app. The same docs should be helpful.
  6. Run parse deploy. You now have a running Shop!

Not required to get the app running, but you'll probaby also want to:

  1. Create your own Stripe account and puts its keys into cloud/config.js. (By default, Shop uses a fixed test account.)
  2. Put your Google analytics tracking information into public/assets/js/ga.js.


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