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@remi-stripe remi-stripe released this Aug 31, 2020 · 35 commits to master since this release

  • #1170 Multiple API changes
    • Move to latest API version 2020-08-27
    • Remove Prorate across Billing APIs in favor of ProrationBehavior
    • Remove TaxPercent across Billing APIs in favor of TaxRate-related parameters and properties
    • Remove DisplayItems on Checkout Session in favor of LineItems
    • Remove FailureURL and SuccessURL on AccountLink in favor of RefreshURL and ReturnURL
    • Remove AccountLinkTypeCustomAccountUpdate and AccountLinkTypeCustomAccountVerification on AccountLink in favor of AccountLinkTypeAccountOnboarding and AccountLinkTypeAccountUpdate
    • Remove Authenticated and Succeeded on ChargePaymentMethodDetailsCardThreeDSecure
    • Remove Plan, Quantity, TaxPercent and TrialEnd from Customer creation or update in favor of the Subscription API
    • Rename Plans to Items on SubscriptionSchedule
  • #1171 Remove multiple deprecated APIs
    • Remove support for the Recipient API
    • Remove support for the RecipientTransfer API
    • Remove support for the BitcoinReceiver API
    • Remove support for the ThreeDSecure API which has been replaced by PaymentIntent and PaymentMethod
    • Remove support for the ExchangeRate API which has never shipped publicly and is being reworked
  • #1172 Properly remove ThreeDSecure class entirely
  • #1173 Remove deprecated parameters SavePaymentMethod and Source on PaymentIntent

See the changelog for more details.

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