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[Fixed] Fixes a build warning in SPM caused by an invalid Package.swift file

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  • [Changed] The maximum identity_document file upload size has been increased, improving the quality of compressed images. See
  • [Fixed] The maximum dispute_evidence file upload size has been decreased to match server requirements, preventing the server from rejecting uploads that exceeded 5MB. See
  • [Added] PaymentSheet now supports Afterpay / Clearpay, EPS, Giropay, Klarna, Paypal (private beta), and P24.
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21.10.0 2021-12-14

  • Added API bindings for Klarna
  • StripeIdentity now requires StripeCameraCore. See for more info.
  • Releasing StripeCardScan Beta iOS SDK
  • Fixes a bug where the text field would cause a crash when typing a space (U+0020) followed by pressing the backspace key on iPad. #1907 (Thanks buhikon!)
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21.9.1 2021-12-02

  • Fixes a build warning caused by a duplicate NSURLComponents+Stripe.swift file.
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21.9.0 2021-10-18


This release adds several new features to PaymentSheet, our drop-in UI integration:

More supported payment methods

The list of supported payment methods depends on your integration.
If you’re using a PaymentIntent, we support:

  • Card
  • SEPA Debit, bancontact, iDEAL, sofort

If you’re using a PaymentIntent with setup_future_usage or a SetupIntent, we support:

  • Card
  • Apple/GooglePay

Note: To enable SEPA Debit and sofort, set PaymentSheet.configuration.allowsDelayedPaymentMethods to true on the client.
These payment methods can't guarantee you will receive funds from your customer at the end of the checkout because they take time to settle. Don't enable these if your business requires immediate payment (e.g., an on-demand service). See

Pre-fill billing details

PaymentSheet collects billing details like name and email for certain payment methods. Pre-fill these fields to save customers time by setting PaymentSheet.Configuration.defaultBillingDetails.

Save payment methods on payment

This is currently only available for cards + Apple/Google Pay.

PaymentSheet supports PaymentIntents with setup_future_usage set. This property tells us to save the payment method for future use (e.g., taking initial payment of a recurring subscription).
When set, PaymentSheet hides the 'Save this card for future use' checkbox and always saves.

SetupIntent support

This is currently only available for cards + Apple/Google Pay.

Initialize PaymentSheet with a SetupIntent to set up cards for future use without charging.

Smart payment method ordering

When a customer is adding a new payment method, PaymentSheet uses information like the customers region to show the most relevant payment methods first.

Other changes

  • Postal code collection for cards is now limited to US, CA, UK
  • Fixed SwiftUI memory leaks Issue #1881
  • Added "hint" for error messages
  • Adds many new localizations. The SDK now localizes in the following languages: bg-BG,ca-ES,cs-CZ,da,de,el-GR,en-GB,es-419,es,et-EE,fi,fil,fr-CA,fr,hr,hu,id,it,ja,ko,lt-LT,lv-LV,ms-MY,mt,nb,nl,nn-NO,pl-PL,pt-BR,pt-PT,ro-RO,ru,sk-SK,sl-SI,sv,tk,tr,vi,zh-Hans,zh-Hant,zh-HK
  • Stripe and StripeIdentity now require StripeUICore. See for more info.
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  • Fixes an issue with image loading when using Swift Package Manager.
  • Temporarily disabled WeChat Pay support in PaymentMethods.
  • The Stripe module now require StripeCore. See for more info.
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21.7.0 2021-07-07

  • Fixes an issue with additionaDocument field typo #1833
  • Adds support for WeChat Pay to PaymentMethods. WeChat Pay is not yet supported in PaymentMethods. The API has been removed in 21.8.1, and will be enabled in a future update.
  • Weak-links SwiftUI #1828
  • Adds 3DS2 support for Cartes Bancaires
  • Fixes an issue with camera rotation during card scanning on iPad
  • Fixes an issue where PaymentSheet could cause conflicts when included in an app that also includes PanModal #1818
  • Fixes an issue with building on Xcode 13 #1822
  • Fixes an issue where overriding STPPaymentCardTextField's brandImage() func had no effect #1827
  • Fixes documentation typo. (Thanks iAugux)
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  • Adds STPCardFormView, a UI component that collects card details
  • Adds 'STPRadarSession'. Note this requires additional Stripe permissions to use.
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  • Fixes the PaymentSheet API not being public.
  • Fixes an issue with missing headers. (Thanks jctrouble!)