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Stripe node.js bindings

Version 2 Update Notice

This repo has just been transferred to Stripe. Alongside this transfer, Stripe has released version 2.x of the bindings. Read about Version 2 here. We'll be going through the backlogged issues in the next few days.


npm install stripe


Documentation is available at

API Overview

Every resource is accessed via your stripe instance:

var stripe = require('stripe')(' your stripe API key ');

Every resource method accepts an optional callback as the last argument:

  { email: '' },
  function(err, customer) {
    err; // null if no error occurred
    customer; // the created customer object

Additionally, every resource method returns a promise, so you don't have to use the regular callback. E.g.

// Create a new customer and then a new charge for that customer:
  email: ''
}).then(function(customer) {
  return stripe.charges.create({
    amount: 1600,
    currency: 'usd',
}).then(function(charge) {
  // New charge created on a new customer
}, function(err) {
  // Deal with an error

Available resources & methods

Where you see params it is a plain JavaScript object, e.g. { email: '' }


  • stripe.setApiKey(' your secret api key ');
  • stripe.setTimeout(20000); // in ms (default is node's default: 120000ms)

More information / wikis


To run the tests you'll need a Stripe Test API key (from your Stripe Dashboard):

$ npm install -g mocha
$ npm install
$ export STRIPE_TEST_API_KEY="sk_test_..."
$ mocha

Note: On Windows use SET isntead of export for setting the STRIPE_TEST_API_KEY environment variable.

If you don't have a prefixed key (in the form sk_test_...) you can get one by rolling your "Test Secret Key". This can be done under your dashboard (Account Setting -> API Keys -> Click the roll icon next to the "test secret key"). This should give you a new prefixed key ('sk_test_..'), which will then be usable by the node mocha tests.


Originally by Ask Bjørn Hansen ( Development was sponsored by YellowBot. Now officially maintained by Stripe.

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