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1.1.0 February 1st, 2012
- Add Coupons API (Ryan)
- Pass a more robust error object to the callback (Ryan)
- Fix duplicate callbacks from some functions when called incorrectly
(bug #24, reported by Kishore Nallan)
1.0.0 December 6th, 2011
- Add APIs and tests for Plans and "Invoice Items"
(both changes by Ryan Ettipio)
0.0.5 November 26th, 2011
- Add Subscription API (John Ku, #3)
- Add Invoices API (Chris Winn, #6)
- Fix a bug where callback could be called twice, if the callback()
threw an error itself (Peteris Krumins)
- Fix bug in tokens.retrieve API (Xavi)
- Change documentation links (Stripe changed their URL structure)
- Make tests pass again (error in callback is null instead of 0 if all is well)
- Amount in stripe.charges.refund is optional (Branko Vukelic)
- Various documentation fixes (Xavi)
- Only require node 0.4.0
0.0.3 October 5, 2011
- Add Charges API (issue #1, brackishlake)
- Add customers.list API
0.0.2 September 28, 2011
- Initial release with customers and tokens APIs
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