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Duplicate callbacks in stripe.customers.retrieve #24

kishorenc opened this Issue February 01, 2012 · 2 comments

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Kishore Nallan Ask Bjørn Hansen
Kishore Nallan

When I call stripe.customers.retrieve() with a customer_id that's NOT a string, the callback is fired twice. Sample code that fails:

stripe.customers.retrieve(123, function(retrieveErr, retrieveRes) {
    console.log("CALLBACK: ",retrieveErr);

Running the above code, produces:

CALLBACK: customer_id required

This is because (I think), you are not returning from the function on validation error, see:

retrieve: function(customer_id, cb) {
    if (!(customer_id && typeof customer_id === 'string')) {
        cb("customer_id required");
    get("/v1/customers/" + customer_id, {}, cb);

You need to probably do:

return cb("customer_id required");

If my guess is right, I can send you a pull request.

Kishore Nallan

I also noticed that the rest of the methods on customers, don't impose this validation, for e.g.

update_subscription: function(customer_id, data, cb) {
  post("/v1/customers/" + customer_id + '/subscription', data, cb);
Ask Bjørn Hansen abh referenced this issue from a commit February 01, 2012
Ask Bjørn Hansen Fix duplicate callbacks from some functions when called incorrectly
(closes bug #24, reported by Kishore Nallan)
Ask Bjørn Hansen

Thanks Kishore! I published version 1.1.0 with these things fixed (and a new coupons API).

Ask Bjørn Hansen abh closed this February 01, 2012
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