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Thanks for this, and sorry for the delay! Could we format Composer and Git as 2nd level headings, and have the divider between the two sections instead? :)

adamlc commented May 21, 2014

@chrispitt and @michelle I wouldn't recommend telling the user to use dev-master either as it might include breaking changes. Use something like ~1


So over this PR. 6 Months to assimilate a simple change, that helps adoption?

bkrausz commented Jun 21, 2014

@chrispitt - Sorry for the delay, this was added recently (before I saw your PR). Apologies for the delay: we will be much more prompt about responses about the PHP bindings now. Please let me know if you think the instructions could be made clearer, I looked at how some other libraries discuss Composer installations and tried to emulate them.


I have tried installing composer as it were shown here
Following are the errors



You do not need to install Composer to use our bindings, there are alternate instructions at

If you do want to use Composer, there are instructions to do so at - it notes that if you get that error you should switch from https to http in the URL

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