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=== 1.7.3 2012-08-15
* Add new stripe.Account resource
* Remove uncaptured_charge tests (this has been deprecated from the API).
=== 1.7.2 2012-05-31
* Fix a bug that would cause nested objects to be mis-rendered in
__str__ and __repr__ methods (github issues #17, #18)
=== 1.7.1 2012-05-21
* Prefer App Engine's urlfetch over requests, as that's the only thing
that will work in App Engine's environment. Previously, if requests
was available in the App Engine environment, we would attempt to use
=== 1.7.0 2012-05-17
* Add new delete_discount method to stripe.Customer
* Add new stripe.Transfer resource
* Switch from using HTTP Basic auth to Bearer auth. (Note: Stripe will
support Basic auth for the indefinite future, but recommends Bearer
auth when possible going forward)
* Numerous test suite improvements
=== 1.6.1 2011-09-14
* Parameters with value None are no longer included in API requests
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