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Drop the "sudo" from pip and easy_install instructions

Hopefully you're using virtualenv and didn't need them in the first
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@@ -6,15 +6,17 @@ You don't need this source code unless you want to modify the
package. If you just want to use the Stripe Python bindings, you
should run:
- sudo pip install --index-url --upgrade stripe
+ pip install --index-url --upgrade stripe
- sudo easy_install --index-url --upgrade stripe
+ easy_install --index-url --upgrade stripe
-(See for
-instructions on installing pip. If you are on a system with
-easy_install but not pip, you can use easy_install instead.)
+See for instructions
+on installing pip. If you are on a system with easy_install but not
+pip, you can use easy_install instead. If you're not using virtualenv,
+you may have to prefix those commands with +sudo+. You can learn more
+about virtualenv at
To install from source, run:

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