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veneur-prometheus is a command line utility for periodically polling a Prometheus metrics endpoint and passing those metrics along to an instance of Veneur.


At present these metrics are emitting as DogStatsD style metrics. We will add SSF at a later date.


Usage of ./veneur-prometheus:
  -d	Enable debug mode
  -h string
    	The full URL — like 'http://localhost:9090/metrics' to query for Prometheus metrics. (default "http://localhost:9090/metrics")
  -i string
    	The interval at which to query. Value must be parseable by time.ParseDuration (https://golang.org/pkg/time/#ParseDuration). (default "10s")
  -ignored-labels string
    	A comma-seperated list of label name regexes to not export
  -ignored-metrics string
    	A comma-seperated list of metric name regexes to not export
  -p string
    	A prefix to append to any metrics emitted. Do not include a trailing period.
  -s string
    	The host and port — like '' — to send our metrics to. (default "")