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Kafka Sink

The Kafka sink allows flushing of metrics or spans to to a Kafka topic.


See the various kafka_* keys in example.yaml for all available configuration options. This sink supports the following features:


This sink is stable. Some some encoding or options may change. This sink is in active development.


  • Uses the async client, but doesn't currently do anything on failure.

  • Does not currently handle writes of events or checks

  • batching

  • ack requirements

  • publishing of Protobuf or JSON formatted messages

Span Sampling

The Kafka sink supports span sampling! By default, setting kafka_span_sample_rate_percent less than 100 will sample based off of traceId (meaning that if one span with a particular traceId is selected, all spans with that traceId will be selected), but that behavior can be configured to use a tag instead via kafka_span_sample_tag. For example,

kafka_span_sample_tag: "request_id"
kafka_span_sample_rate_percent: 75

With this configuration, spans without the "request_id" tag will be rejected, and spans with the "request_id" will be sampled at 75%, based off of a hash of their "request_id" value; in this way, you can sample all values relevant to a particular tag value.


Metrics are published in JSON in the form of:

  "name": "some.metric",
  "timestamp": 1234567, // unix time
  "value": 1.0,
  "tags": [ "tag:value", … ],
  "type": "gauge" // counter, etc

Spans are published in one of JSON or Protobuf. The form is defined in SSF's protobuf and codegen output. Note that it has a version field for compatibility in the future.

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